See Piano - Play Boogie Woogie -Become HAND INDEPENDENCE God

If you struggle with coordinating those hands on the piano - and want to just sit down, have some fun and be able to bash out some impressive sounding boogie boogie on those keyz, then pay attention, this mini-course will help you do both!

From: Josef Sykora

Founder of Creative Piano Academy.
Some call me the piano guy, others call me the coffee-obsessed rambling one on U-Toob...

My mission - To bring the creativity, the fun and the passion back to the piano. I want everyone who see's a piano to have the confidence to go over and just play it!
Dear Creative,

Available for you TODAY is a straight to the point, Boogie Woogie mini-course that will help you become a hand independence master and give you everything you need to confidently sit at any piano and bash out some fun, boogie woogie style goodness. You will even be improvising by the end of this course.

Why Hand Independence? 

I’ve been a piano teacher for over 15 years and the single most frustrating problem I hear time and time again is “I can’t get my right and left hand to do what I want them to do”. 

There is a secret I’ve discovered that will get your right hand talking to your left in record time. A step-by-step process which has helped thousands unlock a new level of piano playing and ability.

And guess what... It works PERFECTLY with the Boogie Woogie! 

So perfectly in fact, that I’ve put together this course for you. Hand indpendence, rhythm and timing lie at the heart of good, natural sounding Boogie Woogie. It’ll get you sat at that piano and ACTUALLY PLAYING REAL BOOGIE WOOGIE whilst training your hand independence at the same time. 

And what’s more fun, energising, impressive and inspiring than bashing out some Boogie Woogie on that piano?

There's no greater feeling than sitting down at that piano and playing impressive music that turns heads. What better way to do this than with Boogie Woogie!
Ready and waiting for you inside the course…
• 4 step-by-step, detailed boogie woogie patterns - Not sound like much?.. Wait till you try them and wait till you feel the benefit. These patterns all work together each building on the last to guide you by the hand as you get used to the boogie woogie. By the end, you will be smashing that piano and boogie'ing like the best of em.
• Your 'Get Up To Speed' Intro To The Boogie Woogie Lesson - Just starting out playing Boogie Woogie? I've got you covered. In this beginner friendly lesson we cover the core essentials you need to get started and move on to the patterns in the course
• 4 'Play Along With Me' Videos - Let us play together in real time for every pattern as you work your way through them. From VERY SLOW, to Medium speed to the 'proper' speed. I've got you. 
• Sheet Music for all Patterns - Its not necessary to be able to read music to go through this course. But if you want it, and it helps, here it is!
• How To Create Endless 'Original' Boogie Woogie Patterns - Engage that creativity. Once you've gone through all the patterns, we will take those skills you've learned and take them even further with two techniques you can use to endlessly create your own patterns effectively unlocking those fingers in fine boogie woogie fashion.
• The secret to improving hand independence FAST - A method to speeding up 'getting' hand coordination nailed that i've picked up from teaching over the last 15 years. And, it works perfectly with the Boogie Woogie!
• The FASTEST way to sit at any piano and have fun  - lets face it, boogie woogie is FUN! Its inspiring and gets us in the mood for practice. And gues what... When we are in a good mood, we learn faster and ENJOY our time at that piano. 
• Some extra goodies  - I want to make sure you can get through this course without any hiccups, hang ups, hook ups (err) you know what I mean... See below for details!
A few things for you before smashing that buy button...

I've hand picked these patterns from my larger, more diverse and much more expensive course... Creative Piano Patterns. If you have that course... Don't buy this course. Upgrade option included inside this blues starter pack.

This course focuses on quality, not quantity. If you want a gazillion videos that overwhelm you and you end up storing away on a spare hard drive somewhere never to see a single piano key... this course isn't for you. 

However, if you want a smaller collection of super-effective patterns that have structure and work together to get you to your goal of sitting down and gaining confidence AND smashing out some awesome sounding Boogie Woogie... (and getting better hand coordination)... then this course is for you.

Here's Some Extra Cool Stuff You're Gonna Get If You Purchase Today...

  • Bonus 1 - My Hand Independence Resource Vault: A collection of resources aimed squarely at improving hand independence and Rhythm (Includes loads of premium stuff not seen on U-Toob)
  • Bonus 2 - The Blues Piano Resource Vault: Go here for your 'get started with the blues' resources including the perfect starting point if you are a beginner
  • Bonus 3 - PRACTICE SECRETS that will eliminate frustration and nail those ‘Hard To Get’ Rhythms - creative Piano Academy Style!: Those rhythms getting on top of you? Here's a step by step breakdown showing how you can tackle the patterns without frustration and nail them FAST and Effectively!
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