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Adult Beginners Listen Up...
How To Use ‘The Best Adult Piano Practice Plan’ To Get More From Your Piano Practice, In Less Time, Whilst Having WAY More Fun
As adults, we learn differently to how we did as kids. In this lesson I reveal 3 Fundamental principles you must apply to your piano practice so you Can learn skills in Days NOT Years
In This Lesson You Will Learn...
  • 3 'plug n' play' practice routines to get you started even if you're a beginner and never touched a key before
  • ​Hone your skills such as hand independence, speed and confidence and even play your first piece of music to impress the family
  • 3 Adult learning techniques I learned from neuroscientists which they say are ESSENTIAL to learning new skills as an adult.
  • ​​The full step-by-step 'inner workings' of the Piano HIIT Routine

"I'll show you how to just Sit and Play Piano" - Josef Sykora

Copyright @ 2020 Creative Piano Academy - All Rights Reserved
Copyright @ 2020 Creative Piano Academy - All Rights Reserved