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Wanting to get down and boogieing at that piano?
LISTEN UP - The Perfect BOOGIE WOOGIE Pattern For Beginners Is Ready n' Waitin' For Those Fine Fingers...
It sounds bloomin awesome, FEELS amazing to play and will get you coordinating those essential boogie hands and fingers like a pro
Josef Sykora - "Be Happy - Play Some Boogie Right Now!"
In this rather epic video, you will learn...
  •  The best sounding beginner boogie pattern that gets that right hand loose and the rhythm pounding.
  •  Everything you need to sit n' play your first boogie woogie pattern and of course impress the family 
  •  How to be the opposite of a classical pianist (Hint, there will be no wrapping of the knuckles for wrong notes in this lesson!)
  •  The secret and profound feeling of being a genuine boogie 'blues brother' (Or sister of course ;))
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